Prickle’s Press

City of Echuca’s Division One White team in mid-week pennant had an impressive 49 shot win in their match against Rochester on Friday. The side had two winning rinks, with Lee Beattie’s team of Jan Palmer, Cec Moss and Joan Moss recording a 15 shot win, and the team of Leica Roney, Lyn Snell, Tony Hawley and Norma Hall finishing their day with a 52-17 win. The Echuca Blue team was once again very competitive in their match against Rich River, with two of the rinks right in their game going into the final ends. However, they were not able to hold on and record a win, eventually losing by 24 shots overall. The Division Three side recorded a 12 shot win against Ky Valley View, with both rinks winning their game.

The Division One weekend side had a tough battle all day against second-placed Deniliquin, but with a strong second half the Echuca side was able to stay on top and finish with a 6 shot win. Philip Thorn and his team of Wayne Brooks, Ivan Hicks and Steve Cunnington led the way with an 11 shot win in their game. Division Two played at Moama on their new carpet and found it to be a tough day, losing on all three rinks. The top-placed Division Three side also had a tough day at home against Rochester, losing on all three rinks by a total of 13 shots overall. Division Four put in a strong performance against Ky Valley View, and finished the day with two rink wins and a tied game. The side won by 22 shots overall, with Eddie Smith’s team of Jack Shearer, Wayne McPoyle and Keith McGowan winning their game by 17 shots. The Division Five side also had a tough day, losing both of their rinks against Moama.

Bowls results:

  • Ladies social bowls – Tuesday, December 5th
  1. Leica Roney, Helen Pitts and Lorraine West

  • Christmas Bonanza Fours, sponsored by Echuca Mazda and Mitsubishi
  1. Chris Preddy, Noel Reddrop, Paul Beecroft and Brian Hall (Composite)
  2. George Thornley, Arthur Plodder, Ben Lane and Tony Hawley (Composite)
  3. Philip Thorn, Mark Evans, Stan Glasser and Mal Thorn (Composite)

Best last game: Jeff Reid, Brian Bowles, Ray Storey and Keith Foreman (Cohuna)

Resting touchers: Jim Harris, Brian Bowles, Sally Beach, Garth Wiffen, Wayne McPoyle, Carly Taylor, Joe Greco and Ron Eckhardt