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City of Echuca’s 12 day bowls Carnival has concluded, with more than 1200 entries being received. Visitors from all parts of Victoria, as well as interstate, joined local teams to compete in pairs, triples and fours events.


  • Day 1: Monday, May 1st - Mixed Pairs
  1. Joe and Mary Greco (Kyabram)
  2. Geoff Halden and Joan Armstrong (Echuca)

Best last game: Geoff and Dianne Coleman (San Remo)

  • Day 2: Tuesday, May 2nd – Mixed Fours
  1. Joe and Mary Greco, Rob and Marilyn Anset (Kyabram)
  2. Keith and Sandra Chapman, Ian and Barb Voigt (Buninyong)

Best last game: John O’Brien, Jeanette Breen, Lorraine and Noel West (Echuca)

  • Day 3: Wednesday, May 3rd – Mixed Triples
  1. Tony Buckingham, Jim Shannon and Merle Smith (Composite)
  2. John and Betty Nisbet, Carly Taylor (Composite)

Best last game: Peter and Bev Teggelove, Tony Moore (Composite)

  • Day 4: Thursday, May 4th – Ladies and Men’s Pairs
  • Ladies
  1. Kristy Gillingham and Lucy Shepherd (Moama)
  2. Gwenda Ryan and Lyn Snell (Echuca)

Best last game: Bev Teggelove and Janet Smith (Composite)

  • Men
  1. Phil Denham and Peter Lomas (Kyabram)
  2. Wayne Parks and Frank Seaton (Inverloch)

Best last game: Joe Greco and Rob Anset (Kyabram)

  • Day 5: Friday, May 5th – Mixed Fours
  1. Ivan Hicks, Gwenda Ryan, Peter and Wendy Webster (Composite)
  2. Bob French, Bev and Hans Hofer, Anne Vanderkley (Composite)

Best last game: Joe Murphy, Maureen Carr, George Vayonitis, Janet Smith (Composite)

  • Day 6: Saturday, May 6th – Mixed Pairs
  1. Barb Overson and Bryan Adamson (Composite)
  2. Ian Brown and Marg Hoy (Composite)

Best last game: Ivan Hicks and Fran Spiers (Echuca)

  • Day 7: Sunday, May 7th – Mixed Triples
  1. Dot Gleeson, Gerard and Sally Madden (Composite)
  2. Danny Brown, Steve Cunnington and Alma Payne (Composite)

Best last game: Tony Hawley, Kristy Gillingham and Mark Evans (Echuca/Moama)

  • Day 8: Monday, May 8th – Mixed Fours
  1. Danny Brown, Margo and Peter Wood, Alma Payne (Composite)
  2. Ivan Hicks, Carolyn Burgess, Dennis Portwine and Glennys Gionis (Composite)

Best last game: Gary and Dawn Blackman, Dave Kaczynski and Lorna Howell (Stawell Golf)

  • Day 9: Tuesday, May 9th – Ladies and Men’s Pairs
  • Ladies
  1. Bev Hofer and Sally Madden (Composite)
  2. Wilma Stevenson and Faye Eaton

Best last game: Helene Beasy and Jo Mitchell (Composite)

  • Men
  1. Tony Hawley and George Thornley (Echuca)
  2. Greg Reading and Dave Kaczynski (Stawell Golf)

Best last game: Garry Hunter and John O’Brien (Echuca)

  • Day 10: Wednesday, May 10th – Mixed Triples
  1. Brian O’Meara, Rob and Marilyn Anset (Kyabram)
  2. Peter and Bev Teggelove, Col Berryman (Composite)

Best last game: Toby and Chris Egan, Eddie Blampied (Echuca)

  • Day 11: Thursday, May 11th – Ladies and Men’s Pairs
  • Ladies
  1. Carolyn Burgess and Glenys Gionis (Edithvale)
  2. Jaye Allen-Dale and Pam Wintrup (San Remo)

Best last game: Bev Teggelove and Bev Hofer (Composite)

  • Men
  1. Keith Chapman and Ian Voigt (Buninyong)
  2. Rob Wastell and Wayne Stephenson (Moama)

Best last game: John Eaton and Erik Luyters (Blackburn)

  • Day 12: Friday, May 12th – Mixed Pairs
  1. Janis and Wayne Parks (Inverloch)
  2. Danny Brown and Leica Roney (Composite)

Best last game: Kevin and Jenny Dowie